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"Frequently asked questions"

Question) How do I know when and where you will be shooting?

Answer ) Check my other website, www.2wheelphotosports.com and I usually will post where and when I will be shooting.

Question) How do I find my photo?

Answer ) Click on the gallery that you fit in, if you ride a sportbike choose sportbike, then choose the date and or event you were at, and look for your photo in the gallery.

Question) How do I know what photo I want to purchase?

Answer ) As you mouse over or select an image, a file name will appear at the bottom of it, I will need that file name and the event and date of the photo to process your order.

Question) How do get the photo, CD or prints?

Answer ) If you order a CD or prints I will process your order and then ship it via USPS to your provided address. If you purchase a photo for download, I will provide you with a link to the image and you will have 7 days to download the image then it will be deleted from the server.

Question) I was at an event and do not see a photo of me, why?

Answer ) I try and get a photo or more of everyone, if you only came by 1 time or if you were in a large group I may have not got your photo.

Question) What are some tips for you to get more photo's of me?

Answer ) I suggest low beam headlights, and make more than one pass/run when I am shooting. Also do not run in a large group or to close to the rider in front of you if possible. The more time and opportunity I have the better the chance I will have photo's of you.

Question) I think your prices are too high, can I get it cheaper or free?

Answer ) I am sorry you feel that way, it takes money to attend the events, as well as supplies and processing not to mention over $20,000 in equipment alone. These are professional images. They are all professional developed in a professional photo lab, they are not printed off and mailed out, they are professional quality images that will last a lifetime.

Question) How do I order or pay for photo's?

Answer ) Click on the pricing link at the top of the page, send your payment via paypal using what ever method you feel most comfortable with, include the required information, and when payment is received I will then process the order.

Question) I do not trust the internet, can I pay another way.

Answer ) You can pay by check or money order via mail or pay me in person, I will process these orders after the payment has cleared and then will ship them to you or make them available for download, this will slow the process of you getting your images dramatically.

Question) How can I get you to take photo's for me?

Answer ) Click on the help link at the top and send me an email about your event, I will answer them usually in less than 24 hours, I am available for private shoots for just about any event, weddings, glamour, portraits, animals, cars, you name it. We will discuss pricing via email.


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