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     With growing concern over the mainstream media and the fact that they focus on articles and news that either fits their narrative or view and no longer focuses on real issues that impact the majority of the people. I have decided to help bridge the gap between the media and the people. My focus is on rel problems facing Americans, Veterans and the worker that lives and works in the United States and faces many problems, concerns and worries that the media feels is not important enough to report.

     The time of the media spreading thier narrative of focusing on things that the majority of Americans do not care about is over. I will begin by focusing on concerns that I have direct knowledge of or have eperienced personally that the people need to know but the mainstream media feels is not important enough or they are being paid to ignore by the companies that do not want the truth to get out about how they treat customers. With this in mind, please share my page and check back frequently for news and information that is important to the real world we live in.

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Help for Veterans is dedicated to helping Veterans that have served or are currently serving our country that are facing immediate financial crisis. Veterans and Active Duty military and their families are often confronted with a financial crisis that sadly has resulted in devastating situations that could possibly be prevented. The divorce and suicide rate amoung Veterans and Active Duty military is 22% higher than non-military suicide rates. Research shows that 22 Veterans or Active Duty military commit suicide EVERY DAY, that is 1 suicide every 65 minutes. Most Americans only think about Veterans and Active Duty military on holidays or when they see a news article on television or in print. Veterans and Active Duty military are serving our country and living with the injuries and memories they sustained every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

This is one reason why www.help4veterans.com was created. To offer temporary, immediate financial assistance to Veterans and Active Duty military and their families every day, 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Sadly our Veterans and Active Duty military are often faced with immediate financial needs that if they could have received immediate financial help, may have reduced some of the factors that results in unnecessary stress, depression and anxiety that sometimes leads to the destruction of families due to separation, divorce and sometimes suicide. Please help us today so that we can help our brave Veterans and Active Duty military and alleviate the stress that financial crisis and hardship brings in their time of need.

We are dedicated to helping all Veterans in need that are currently facing a financial crisis or emergency. We help when disaster strikes but also when Veterans are faced with a personal crisis while waiting for other benefits or long-term resolutions to arrive. Please donate today to help us to help them. Without your help, many of our Veterans will suffer while waiting on Federal and State agencies to act.

Please donate today to help the Disabled Veterans and Veterans that have served our country and that have become victims of Hurricane Harvey, the devastating flooding and loss in Texas and other states that have been adversely impacted by Hurricane Harvey and the torrential rains and flooding that have forever changed the lives of so many forever. We are here to help Veterans in need of immediate financial need, not just Veterans impacted by natural disasters, but rather to help Veterans in need any time. Every day a Veteran or their family is subjected to stress and depression over concerns about how to financially afford the basic essentials necessary while they wait for long term Federal or State benefits to begin.

We are dedicated to helping all Veterans that are in need but can only do it with your help. When a disaster hits, we want to be there to help the Veterans that have given so much for all of us.

Veterans need your help every day, disasters and emergencies strike at any time and any place. They can be in the form of hurricanes, tornados, fire, flood, earthquakes and other forms of devastation and destruction.

Please help us today, so that we can help our Veterans that have already given so much for us.

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Fundraising Goal $ 1,000,000

Fundraising Goal

I am a Service Connected Disabled Veteran due to injuries I sustained while serving our country in the United States Army, 10th Mountain Division, 2/87 Bravo Company Light Infantry and was injured on Active Duty in the country of Panama as part of the South American Reactionary Force. I have been unable to return to work or continuing my pursuit in my career path I had chosen due to my injuries. I also have not been able to resume other activities and hobbies I previously enjoyed due the risk of making my injuries more severe. This inability to do many of the things I enjoyed prior to my injuries has been life changing in everything I do due to the concern of making the injuries more severe. I have experienced feelings of helplessness and despair, hoping and waiting for Federal or State assistance in an emergency or difficult situation. That is why I started this organization, to help those Veterans in need, when they need it, so they can make ends meet until Federal or State assistance arrives. When a Veteran or their family is in immediate need now, and assistance or financial benefits can be weeks or months away, our goal is to help them to continue their lives by providing immediate financial assistance now until they receive the necessary assistance and benefits from Federal or State agencies.

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All donations will go to Military Veterans to help support and assist those that may be overlooked or missed by other orginazations, or are in need of temporary emergency assistance during their time of crisis, disaster or personal needs. So many American Veterans are forgotten or do not receive help in a timely manner. Our gaol is to provide assistance to those veterans that slip through the cracks or are in need of immediate assistance. Please donate today and change a life!