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Frequently Asked Questions

Donors FAQ

More information about the most Frequently Asked Questions will be coming soon, we are new and a work in progress so please check back as we will continue to update and improve our site.

Question:        How can I donate to help Veterans on your site?

Answer:          To donate to help our Veterans, simply click on any of the links on the site that say "Donate" and it will open a donation page provided by PayPal where you can make either a single donation or a recurring monthly donation. The process is secure and you can make donations using your PayPal account or by using your Debit or Credit Card without having to have a PayPal account. 

Question:        Do you get my Debit or Credit Card information if I make a donation?

Answer:          No, I do not get your Debit or Credit Card information. All of that information is kept private and secure and is never shared or sold to anyone. You will not receive spam or unwanted emails or communication if you make a donation. It is all secure and safe and is backed by PayPal. You can be confident that your information is completely safe and secure.

Question:        I do not feel comfortable using my Debit or Credit Card online, is there another way for me to make a donation?

Answer:          Yes, at the top of the page click the "Contact Us" link and it will open an email window. Send us an email requesting information on how to send a donation without using the online method. I will send you an email with all the information you need to mail us a donation using USPS, UPS, FedEx or your favorite method of choice to mail us a donation by mail in the form of a check, cash or money order.

Question:        Can I request that my donation be utilized in a specific manner or purpose?

Answer:        Yes you can. If you prefer your donation to be used to help a specific branch of service such as the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard you can. Before or after you make a donation, click the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page and send us an email with your name and the donation amount and tell us how you would like your donation directed and if this is a preference or required. That way we can make sure your donation helps in the manner you prefer.

Veterans FAQ

Question:     What do I need to do to receive assistance from you?

Answer:     Simply click the link at the top right of the site and it will open a new window in your email program. Simple send us an email with your information including your name, address, telephone number, email address, and the best way to reach you. Also, in the email please explain your current situation and needs and we will review your message and your needs to see if we are able to provide you with assistance at this time. Also please include any long-term and other resources you are working on. An example would be that you have applied for assistance and are currently waiting on a decision or a decision has been made in your favor but the financial assistance will not arrive for several more weeks.

Question:     How much financial assistance can you help me with?

Answer:     At this time we can only assist Veterans with a maximum amount of $ 2000.00 to assist with their immediate financial needs. We do hope that as funding and donations increase, we will be able to offer up to $ 5000.00 for their financial needs.

Question:     How many times can I receive assistance from you?

Answer:     Veterans at this time can only be granted assistance (1) one time per year, per household. We also hope that as donations are received that we can re-evaluate this policy and possible lessen the time necessary between granting assistance.

Question:     How quickly can I receive assistance and how do I get the funds?

Answer:     You can expect a decision within 3 to 7 days from the date your request has been received. Exceptions may occur based on the amount of requests and the availability of funds. There are several ways you can receive the funds. We can send a paper check, (EFT) Electronic Funds Transfer, or by other means such as Western Union or other means based on your needs and what is available to ensure you receive the funds in the quickest and safest manner possible.

Question:     What can I use the financial assistance for?

Answer:     We award immediate financial assistance to help you in your time of need to help you until other relief is available to you. You can use the assistance for rent, fuel, utilities, food or any other need that you have. We do not ask for any type of documentation that you used the funds for what you requested the assistance for in your application. However, we do hope that you utilize the assistance in a manner that will best help you and your family to make end meet until your Federal or State benefits arrive.

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All donations will go to Military Veterans to help support and assist those that may be overlooked or missed by other orginazations, or are in need of temporary emergency assistance during their time of crisis, disaster or personal needs. So many American Veterans are forgotten or do not receive help in a timely manner. Our gaol is to provide assistance to those veterans that slip through the cracks or are in need of immediate assistance. Please donate today and change a life!