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Help our Veterans!

About Help4Veterans

My name is Rick Campbell, I am a 100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran. I was injured on Active Duty while serving my country in the jungles and streets of Panama while serving with the 10th Mountain Division, 2/87 Bravo Company. I have had a lot of interaction with several Federal and State agencies seeking out benefits and assistance after I was Honorably Discharged due to my injuries sustained in Panama. My experience has been mixed, some good and some bad but one thing that is consistent, is that they all seem to take time for the process to be completed and actions to be taken. That is what inspired me to start this organization to help Veterans, like myself, that need temporary emergency assistance to make ends meet until long term benefits begin. Helping to bridge the gap between immediate needs and the long-term needs that currently exist for Veterans is vital for Veterans and their families. Many times Federal and State agencies offer benefits for Veterans but the time between application and actually receiving those benefits can take a lot of time, sadly sometimes years. The Veterans Administration in certain cases will make the benefits retroactive back to the date of application, but for the Veteran and their families with immediate financial crisis, this does not help with current living expenses and financial needs now. Basic needs such as payments for housing, electricity, water, other utilities, transportation, fuel and other essential and basic needs are in jeopardy of being lost. The goal of "Help 4 Veterans" is to assist and aid these Veterans by quickly and efficiently providing immediate financial help to these Veterans in their time of need as they wait for permanent benefits to begin. Often Veterans are not able to be employed, or fully employed during this time due to disabilities and injuries while serving our country.

Rick CampbellI often found myself on hard times while I waited for the Federal or State agencies to receive the application, process the application, go to interviews, going to medical or physical evaluation appointments, gathering information, awaiting a decision, and finally waiting to receive my deserved benefits once a decision had been made. At times, if the decision for benefits is denied, then Veterans are faced with a longer process of involving appealing the decision, more physical and medical evaluations, gathering and providing more information, records and documentation and waiting for a decision on the appeal. This is one situation where I recognized the huge need for someone or something that can help Veterans immediate financial needs to make ends meet during times like these, that did not add undue stress or worry on Veterans and their families about how to make ends meet now while they wait for the benefits they earned to begin and to not have to worry about when or how they can pay the money back after the benefits arrive. This is why I started this organization. To be a link to help Veterans survive the immediate financial needs while waiting for the long-term benefits decision to be reached and when the Veterans begin receiving those benefits. I wanted to offer Veterans immediate financial help without any worry or stress about having to pay the money back and to reduce the stress that financial hardship places on Veterans, their spouse and the dependents of Veterans.

10th Mountain Division

We are a new organization and hope to continually grow and have the ability to offer assistance to more Veterans and to hopefully decrease the amount of time between eligibility for assistance and increase the amount of assistance we can provide to each Veteran. This will be dependent on support and donations we receive and the number of applications we receive. We are aware that during certain times such as natural disasters and other circumstances that may result in a large number of Veterans that request assistance, funds and the number of applications we can approve may be limited based on the number of applications and the donation funds available. For this reason, please share us on your social media pages and with friends and urge them to make a donation to help Veterans during the times they need help the most.

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All donations go to Military Veterans to help support and assist those that may be overlooked or missed by other orginazations, or are in need of temporary emergency assistance during their time of crisis, disaster or personal needs. So many American Veterans are forgotten or do not receive help in a timely manner. Our gaol is to provide assistance to those veterans that slip through the cracks or are in need of immediate assistance. Please donate today and change a life!